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What is this Project About?

This personal project involves the importance of lyrics in music we listen to. The goal of this project was to understand how lyrics affect us and how it influences our music choice.

The best way to find the answer was to study how people react to different lyrics

Doing interviews with people around school was the primary source of information for the research. I created a video filled with the information found in the study from all the interviews.

5 songs were chosen to be played for each interviewee

The pictures below are the album covers for each song played. They consisted of a variety of genres and lyrical styles from artists with different backgrounds and ethnicities. 

Click on an album cover for more information about each song

The Interview

(shortened version)

The video was made using a series of interviews. It was made sure that there was a great diversity among the different interviewees to insure unique responses coming from different people from around the world.